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— Creche

Our colorful and friendly environment improves learning for the younger ones and provides a visually stimulating atmosphere that boosts attention and curiosity and improves memory.

Most parents value safety for their little ones and that is one thing kids ‘R key is big on. The creche department is handled by experienced caregivers.


— Nursery

We know the importance of foundation education being the bedrock of academic support and a learner’s success.

We pay attention to every child’s learning need encouraging and supporting each learner to explore their strong sides while striving to reach and exceed the standard expectation of their class and level.


— Primary

Welcome to the primary arm where every child is encouraged to dream their dreams. We have a standard admission assessment procedure in math, literacy, science and social and emotional areas to give us real data of the learners’ capacity and class.

We allow the individuality of learners to show as that is our way to better help each based on their unique need.

We use a well-blended British Nigerian Curriculum.


— Daycare

We operate Daycare to Grade 3 for the now.


— Extra-curricular Activities

In Kids ‘R key academy we create a rich blend of academic activities and co-curricular activities, allowing learners to acquire skills that helps them stand out.
Our clubs are completely activity based and hands-on, at the end of the term learners make club presentation.

Some of our clubs includes but not limited to: Karate Club
Reading & Debate Club
Music Club

Ballet Club ICT Club Home makers

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Kids ‘R Key Childcare Services

Beginning with infants of 3 months, our goal is to work hard in building a solid learning foundation that helps all our kids succeed in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and primary school. Our structure and programs are designed and premised on well research integrated curriculum and individualized learning experiences. Expert Care Specialist and instructors guide our kids towards reaching milestones and achieving success. 

We give them the head start!

We do much more than daycare service by providing comfort, warmth , special bond, trust, safety and a loving home that support proper child development.
We provide holistic care that supports all aspects of development. Cognitive, language, physical and social-emotional development.

All our activities will ensure the following abilities in our kids
The ability to think critically and creatively (Cognitive Development)
Communicate effectively by using sounds, expressions, body language, and finally, oral and written language; ability to understand and respond to the communication of others (Language Development)
The ability to coordinate and control large and small muscle movements; increasing awareness of health and safety concepts (Physical Development)
How they interact with one another and their progressing awareness of themselves, their emotions, understanding of their relationships with others, such as family, friends, and placing them appropriately.( Social-Emotional Development)

Early Childhood Education

The children at this stage are energetic and full of excitements as they grow and learn. This energy is channeled positively by enabling them to explore At Kids ‘R Key, we engage and nurture the child by providing a balance of freedom and instruction.
Our program is designed as a family based learning center, where your child does not only build skills vital to success in kindergarten, but also gain respect for others, and a strong sense of confidence and high self-esteem.
We help them build the routines and self-help skills that all independent learners need.

After School

Our after school care gets children together under one roof and encourages them to participate in a group activity there by offering protection and a conducive learning environment for the children. One reason parents enroll children with us is to keep them occupied in a productive and supervised manner.  Children left at home with the domestic staff are usually not being mentally stimulated and perhaps even victims of unsavoury traits from the domestic staff (sometimes unqualified to raise children) as the sole carers for the children while the parents are at work. Be at peace knowing that your children are in safe hand.


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